What branding options do you offer locally and what do they look like?

Common branding methods used on clothing and bags:

Things you should know about branding

Proofs will be sent before branding commences. These must be checked very carefully and if correct, signed and returned. We will not take responsibility for errors or omissions once a proof is signed so please check proofs carefully. Please take special care to check spelling, phone numbers and website / email addresses. We will match PMS colours as accurately as our inks will allow, but we cannot guarantee close matches on anything other than white surfaces. While we will always try to supply the exact quantity of goods ordered. In some cases, branded items may be over or under supplied by up to 5% depending on the product and the method of branding required.

Should I embroider or print my logo?

We tend to advise embroidery over printing for uniforms, as it looks smarter on clothing and will last longer if washed and ironed frequently. There is a one-off program set up charge for your logo, which can then be altered to fit different sized garments. e.g. shirts to caps to bags. Embroidery pricing works on the number of stitches and units run at one time rather than how many colours involved. Bear in mind that quantity breaks are 1-5, 6-19, 20-99, 100+. We can take your logo from something as small as a business card.

Printing is suitable if you require detail in the logo, a large size logo or high volume. Print prices work on the number of colours and size of print area as well as units run at one time. Each colour needs separate film and plates. Please provide the artwork in EPS or AI format if possible. Transfers are heat applied and can be a handy option if you plan to brand other items at a later stage and need to keep the costs down. We can make up a number of transfers so that you pay the best price based on volume and then use them as required. These can be screen printed, digitally printed or vinyl cut depending on your logo.

What is a transfer print?

Screen-printing is a great process for Tee shirts and the like, but what about nylon material that screen printers either say no to or struggle to print in register? Our digital heat transfer machine is specifically for this process. A digital transfer machine prints your logo onto a vinyl or pvc that can be then applied on to your garment using heat.

We also manufacture screen printed transfers which give a very high-quality finish and a very nice thin print. With this process you print the image on to paper using a screen, and then you heat apply it to the garment. All the colours go on at once, so you have none of the registration issues you normally have when direct printing difficult garments and bags.

Please note that all garments that are pressed have press marks. The colour & type of the garment determines the extent of this mark. The press mark becomes less visible after washing and general wear.