Submit Artwork

Please submit ideally in a vector format (.eps, .ai or .pdf) but if you don’t have that then a bitmap image (.jpg, .png, .gif) will be ok for quoting purposes.  Once order is confirmed we will supply a free e-proof for you to sign off.

    Digital Files

    After you have placed your order, an option is provided to immediately upload your art files. If you don’t have your art files at that time, you can also reply to the confirmation email you receive and attach your art file to the email, or use the link provided in the email to upload them. This ensures that we can match your artwork to the specific order you’ve placed.

    Forgot To Send Your File

    Don’t worry, simply wait for one of our Customer Care Representatives to contact you promptly after your order is placed and email your files at that point.

    Send Special Instructions

    There is a box for special instructions on the delivery page. Feel free to give us any information you think we need. Remember, artwork preparation is FREE and you’ll receive a digital mock-up for your approval prior to production.  Note; for proofing after two times, a surcharge of $25 will be applied.

    Accepted File Types

    Just send us what you have and we will work with you on the rest. Keep in mind that to keep your order moving as fast as possible, we prefer to receive vector file formats.

    Note: Changing the file name to a vector file extension will not change the file type.

    Preferred Vector File Types:

    • PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
    • Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps. .ai or .eps (Adobe Illustrator)
    • Convert text to outlines, embed any linked images CDR (Corel Draw)
    • Convert text to curves

    What is the difference between vector and raster format?

    Vector Graphics – A vector graphic is the ideal format to supply artwork for printing, as it can be easily edited and resized without compromising the image quality. Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines and curves which are all based on mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics.  To test if your artwork is vector, simply open it and zoom in.  In true vector art, it doesn’t matter if you zoom to 100% or 10000%, the image will stay perfectly clear.  Just because a file has an .eps extension, doesn’t automatically make it a vector-based file.  You will notice that with jpg’s and bitmap images that the edges of the image get fuzzy as you zoom in.  Bitmap images are composed of a mosaic of colours.

    Vector artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

    • Encapsulated Post Script (EPS)
    • CorelDraw (CDR)
    • Adobe Illustrator (AI)
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)

    Raster Graphics – A raster graphic is made up of grids of pixels and can’t be as easily edited or resized and in order to use raster graphics for printing they must first be converted or redrawn as vector graphics. If raster graphics are supplied, we will attempt to make this artwork useable.  Note; for proofing after two times, a surcharge of $25 will be applied.

    Raster artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

    • JPEG
    • Bitmap
    • PNG
    • TIFF
    • GIF

    What thread colours should I use for embroidery?

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