Louise Burnie

I’m a big fan of the island of Niue and love how unspoiled it is.  The snorkelling is amazing too.

I like to sneak off with a good book which I can read from cover to cover if no one is going to interrupt me.  I’ve been known to pull an all-nighter when I need to know what’s going to happen next!   I can’t walk past a Chomp which is a South African chocolate bar, conveniently sold at Kmart.

I grew up in Cape Town and stopped surfing the day that I went up in a small plane and discovered that what looked like a rocky reef near my surf break was in fact a heap of sharks.

317 – minty green  which reminds me of the sea colour at my favourite spot.


Rio de Janeiro when I was 21! Seeing Christ the Redeemer (Modern Wonder of the World) and world famous beaches Copacabana & Ipanema up close.

Book: Difficult decision.. “One Hundred Days of Happiness“ by Fausto Brizzi (No it’s not a self help manual)

Movie: Too hard to choose just one so an old musical like “My Fair Lady” with Audrey Hepburn 

Food: Cheesy popcorn.

Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron was born in the same town as me – Benoni in South Africa. 

2807 – Ballerina Pink.


I travelled extensively in my 20’s, doing the Big OE, going through Europe, Africa, the Middle East. Everywhere I went was interesting in its own way. Fez and Meknes in Morocco stick in my mind because it was so different to home. In our tent, being woken up by a chorus of calls to prayer from every minaret around (all at slightly different times) and wandering through medinas that looked like they were straight from an Aladdin movie.

One Book – War and Peace by Tolstoy. It’s a book I’ve always meant to read, it’s really long so will occupy me for ages and in this situation I might make it past page 7.

One Movie – Empire Strikes Back.

Food – Daim Bars.

Going down a YouTube rabbit hole with friends, finding songs that I haven’t heard for years and singing…loudly.

I was born in Scotland. My parents moved our family across the planet and we ended up in Oamaru. It was a great place to be a child. Oamaru has a colourful past, at one point boasting more bordellos and taverns than anywhere else in NZ before prohibition created a roaring bootleg trade. Tourism kicked off just after I left and all of the old buildings that we used to ride our bikes around, carving our initials in the Oamaru stone walls, have been scrubbed up and the area is vibrant with interesting shops, markets and wonderful places to eat. Oamaru is also now known as the Steampunk capital of the world.   

This is a tough one, there are so many! I guess I’ll go patriotic – PMS 300C, the blue of the Scottish Flag (Saltire)


The most interesting place I’ve travelled to is the Island of  Mauritius. It is renowned for its stunning beaches and diverse cultures.  The island’s unique charm lies in its blend of Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and European influences, which is evident in its cuisine, music and festivals. The warmth and hospitality of the Mauritian people, alongside the island’s natural beauty left a lasting impression on me.

Any books by my some favourite authors: Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Stephen King, Lee Child or Mary Burton. 

For a movie it would be between The Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption. 

Food? Definitely: Butter Chicken with cheesy Naan.

Crafting and creating art is my ultimate guilty pleasure, providing a joyful escape where I can unleash my creativity and relish in the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life.

I was born in Cape Town. Known for her iconic Table Mountain, stunning coastline and rich cultural mosaic. All of this shaped my love for nature and diversity.  

Fun fact: There are more plant species in the Table Mountain National Park than the entire United Kingdom.

My favourite Pantone colour is 324C, a soothing and refreshing shade of aqua that brings to mind the tranquillity of the ocean and the serenity of a clear sky.


I went to Poland with my family in 1987. It was before the Berlin wall came down and still under communist rule so very poor. I think we were the only tourist there but somehow still managed to have a lot of fun.

Coco Pops but I try not to buy and have it in the house.

I was born in Napier. I have heard so many stories from my grandmother about the 1931 earthquake. It is New Zealand’s biggest natural disaster.  My grandmothers father was killed in it and my grandmother had to run up Napier hill to the hospital to try and help her sick mother.